• Classes will start on 10 am to 2.30 pm

  • Uniform is compulsory in consecutive days of a week. (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)

  • All Govt. holidays and fixed days of holidays from the BSS calenders are holidays for the institution

  • Students who may absent in college must produce leave letter in the prescribed form in the diary from their guardian

  • In emergency , students are allowed to use the office phone or coin box

  • Students who brings the mobile phone must keep it in the office at college time and taken out when they leave

  • Students may not destroy any equipment in the college

  • Practical section will start in the college labs from September in First year

  • Practical section will start in hospital from second year on December on wards

  • Student with notebooks, Records and other study materials neatly, get the sign from their heads of the subjects regularly

  • Student must be in prayer hall 9.50 am